Shortening .wma file

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Is it possible to shorten a .wma file with Audacity :question:

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Audacity does not act directly on files.
To edit a file, you will “import” the file into Audacity (Audacity “reads” the file and makes a copy of the data). Then you perform the edit. Then you “export” from Audacity to create a new file. (I would highly recommend that you use a different file name for the exported file, or export to a different location. If you overwrite the original and have made a mistake, then there is no going back).

Audacity supports WAV, AIFF, Flac, and Ogg file formats, and can import MP3 files.
The range of supported file types can be extended with a couple of “helper” programs.
Audacity can use “LAME” to export MP3 file.
“FFMpeg” enables Audacity to read and write (import / export) many other formats, including most WMA files.

See here for installing LAME:
See here for installing FFmpeg:

DRM (copy protected) formats are not supported.

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