Shorten audio after conversion file format

I have few recordings on my phone in “.ts” format and change them(on zamzar(dot)com) to “.wav” and try to listen to them in Audacity.
Problem is tha the audio recording appear to be only 6 seconds long in Audacity after the conversion, even if the original .ts recording when I listen to it on my phone si 2 minutes long.

What am I doing wrong?

What if you play the same WAV file in a media player (such as Windows Media Player), how long does the media player say it is?
In Audacity, do those 6 seconds play at normal speed?

Thank you Steve, I solved it, I had to install “Lame and FFmpeg for Windows” to Audacity and it can read the files now

Yeah… I’m guessing had problems and your WAV file is no good. It’s usually the “from” format that causes trouble because there are thousands of formats & format variations and it’s impossible to support all of them. But, the conversion program only has to support a limited numbers of “to” formats that it supports.

I don’t now what the TS file is. Usually TS is an audio/video ‘Transport Stream’ used for broadcast and I’m pretty sure that’s not what you have.

Here are some things you can try -

  • If you have not already done so, download and install the optional [u]FFmpeg Import/Export Library[/u] and try opening the TS file in Audacity. FFmpeg supports most audio/video formats (but with Audacity you’ll only get the audio.)

  • See if you can get help/support for your phone recording app.

  • Check the TS file format details with [u]MediaInfo[/u]. (Of course, that won’t solve the problem, but it may give us some clues.)

  • Plug the phone’s headphone output into your the line-input computer an make a recording with Audacity. That will work every time as long as you have the right setup/connections. You’ll need a desktop/tower computer with a regular soundcard and line-in, or a laptop with an external audio interface. And of course, the correct cables. (The mic input on a laptop won’t work properly.) More information [u]here[/u].