Good day. This is my first posting. I am running Version 3.03 on Windows 10 Home. Is there a way to create a shortcut for the option to Export as MP3?
Thanks, Dan Wilson…

You can create shortcuts for almost anything. See:

Good day Steve. Thank you for responding. I would not have thought to look for the keyword keyboard. I appreciate the help.
Dan Wilson…

A couple of useful tips for finding things in the manual:

  1. The first page of the manual ( has a big picture of Audacity. You can jump to the relevant section of the manual for any part of the GUI shown in that picture by clicking on the relevant part of the picture.

  2. The text on the first page of the manual includes many common keywords. If you use your web browser “search” feature to look for the word “shortcut”, you will find this section:

Customizing Audacity

  • Adding plug-ins & other customization and Creating Nyquist plug-ins
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Themes - learn how to select your preferred Audacity look and feel
  • Scripting