Shortcuts Limitation

Ubuntu 22.04 audacity-linux-3.4.1-x64.AppImage
I have a macro which I used to run with a F12 shortcut in earlier versions.
KEYBOARD now renamed SHORTCUTS will not allow this. I can make a shortcut point to the macro menu but not to the actual macro.
All the other shortcuts copied from my earlier version. I searched for this and got nothing ; now I see others have similar requests.
Call to subroutine left off macro menu code?


I just resolved this by not using the search in Preferences:Shortcuts.
Scrolling through the menu options my macro is now able to be set to run with F12 [ or any other key combo]

So maybe it’s why does this get disabled when you use ‘search’?

Which is a whole different place to look!

thanks for a great program.


Maybe you were searching for the wrong thing. Were you searching “tree”, “name” or “keys”?

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