Shortcut or Button to copy current cursor position ton Windows Clipboard?

is there a button or keyboard shortcut key i can press to copy my current carrot position to the windows clipboard?

e.g. i just want to put 4:36 in the windows clipboard


No. But you could create a label at that point w/Ctrl-B, then Edit>Labels or File>Export>Labels. Either of which you can copy from then paste somewhere else.

No, but this macro will display the cursor position (in seconds) so that you can easily copy it.
Cursor Position.txt (197 Bytes)
Note 1: Play must be stopped when running this macro.
Note 2: Instructions for macros:
Note 3: You may find it convenient to create a keyboard shortcut to run the macro. See:

If you need the time in some format other than seconds (such as hh:mm:ss), I could show you how to modify the macro.


but this code didnt seem to do anything when executed.

maybe cuz i’m on Audacity Version 2.3.2 ?


Try this version, it works in Audacity 2.3.3 (the oldest version that I have available).
CursorPositionOld.txt (245 Bytes)

ooh bummer

it doesn’t display anything

is my audacity version that old…?


i cant upgrade cuz i need some of the old macros for other projects

; (

Old macros will usually work in newer versions of Audacity. New macros may not work in old versions of Audacity due to new features in the newer version.
If you back up your macros before upgrading, and keep a copy of the old macros somewhere safe, then you can easily go back to the old version if necessary. Assuming that you are using Windows 10 or later, I’d recommend upgrading to at least Audacity 2.4.2 (that’s the last of the 2.x series).

The current version is Audacity 3.1.3, but that uses a different project format, which may give you compatibility problems if you have a “work in progress”).

Old versions of Audacity are available from FossHub:
The latest Audacity release is available from the Audacity website: