Shortcut for toggling between waveform/spectrograph views

It would be incredibly handy to have a way to bind a button to toggle between waveform view and spectro graph view.

I think the longer term intention is to have a split view between waveform and spectrogram view for the same track which I would find more satisfying.


I find i use the spectral view about 95% of the time, and waveform only now and again. So for my use case i need full screen spectral view with a toggle button to switch between them…

But both options would be good!

Im liking the new split view, however there is no way to make this the default view.
Under Tracks > Default view mode, it would be nice to have the option of the new split view mode.
Also a setting for the split view ratio. Id like the waveform to be 20% and the spectral view to be 80%.

Thanks for the work on this!

This sounds like a sensible request - and sounds like an “error of omission” on our part. We now have three basic “views” and you can only select two of them to be default.

I will log this as a P3 bug.

I can see why you might want that - but this would be an enhancement request. I will probably add this as a P4 ENH enhancement in our bugtracker (linked to the view default bug).

Glad that you’re liking the split view.


The idea is that you drag the split line up / down to whatever ratio you want.

I agree that this looks like an omission. I mentioned this when the feature first appeared in the code. Perhaps the developer will reconsider if there is sufficient demand from users. Thanks for your feedback.

Logged as P3 2460
Can’t select “Multi-view” as default view mode in Tracks preferences


You may be pleased to know that this enhancement bug has been fixed for the upcoming 3.0.0 release which is currently under development.

I have just QA tested it and it works fine.


It would also be great to get a combined view where the waveform overlays the spectrogram. However, I don’t know if this feature is patented by iZotope, as this is the only company I know of that offers this feature.

Best, Chris

Audacity 2.4.2 has “multi-view” Multi-view - Audacity Manual

What would be the benefit of overlaying the two views?


I apologize for the late response. I have not seen your answer before.

The spectrograph view shows issues much better than the waveform view. In order to get the best overview, I currently make the spectrograph as big as possible, but this makes the waveform view almost useless because it becomes too small. As an overlay, both plots could be shown in useful sizes.