Short Recordings

Sometimes the turntable plays all the record and sometimes it cuts it off short. How do i solve that? Is there anyway for the turntable to ply the whole record ?

This is the Audacity forum. Does your question have anything to do with Audacity? If it does, then please give the information requested in the pink box near the top of the page and provide enough information regarding your question for us to understand what you are asking.

Ah may have got it sussed. Sorry may have been using an old version of Audacity. But wasn’t sure if was something to do with the settings on Audacity that i was doing wrong. I have Windows 10 am now downloading Audacity 2.1.1

Thank you

Audacity settings don’t affect this.

Some cheap USB turntables are prone to the problem you describe. Look in the manual for the turntable for any lift-off adjustment there might be. But if the problem persists you’ll need to ask the turntable manufacturer or supplier.