Short fade at end of DSD track

I’ve found I can remove annoying pops at the end of DSD tracks by applying the Short Fade function in the TEAC editor export. But that function is fixed, and it fades the beginning and end of the track, taking off too much time for tracks which segue. I need a very short (maybe even 10 ms) fade at the end of a track. Can I do this with Audacity? Ideally it would be simple to apply as I have no experience editing audio. Thanks!

Audacity directly can’t edit DSD and I don’t think it can open it.

You may need a 3rd party converter to convert it to WAV or FLAC. Then you an use Audacity to make a fade-out of any length.

But try this - Install FFmpeg. FFmpeg is a encoder/decoder that integrates with Audacity, allowing you to import/export most audio formats.

If it opens it will be converted to PCM (same underlying format as a regular WAV file). All “regular” audio editors and DAWs use PCM internally. But I don’t see an FFmpeg option for exporting to DSD, so even if you can open it, you’d have to export to a different format and then optionally convert it back to DSD with a 3rd-party tool if you wish.

There is no mathematically perfect way to convert DSD to PCM or vice-versa. But at “CD quality” or better it should be audibly identical (in a proper blind ABX test). And of course, the PCM (or WAV or FLAC) will be BETTER than the DSD without the click! :wink:

Thanks for the reply Doug. Right, I should’ve remembered DSD is converted before editing. But I wonder what TEAC is doing, because I’d like that, only shorter, and on the end only.

PS - I need to keep DSD, as the conversion quality is audible on my system (even with a high-quality converter like Pyramix).

I believe the TEAC editor is one of the few that can direclty edit DSD. You should be able to adjust the volume (or fade) and cut/splice, but I don’t think you can mix or apply EQ or reverb, etc.

Can’t you re-adjust the segue?

A proper scientific, level-matched, blind ABX test can be very humbling… :wink: You’d proably be surprised at how carefully you have to listen to reliably hear the difference between a “high-quality” MP3 and a high-resolution original.

Sometimes the differences seem obvious and then “strange things” happen with blind testing. :smiley:

And do you have a DAC that works directly with DSD? Most DACs convert DSD to PCM, then to analog.

And sometimes you have to compromise and choose the “lesser of evils”. Personally, I find clicks and pops very annoying!

Good points Doug. And thanks for them! I have the MSB Select DAC, which can play natively or with conversion. I tried some conversions with Pyramix, and prefer native, particularly for DSD256. Btw, I just spoke with TEAC and they said they haven’t done anything with that editor since 2017, and don’t know much about it now. It appears to have almost no editing capability.

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