Short-cut-key to move position back or forward


while transcribing a recording at times I found the need to move the recording position back by approx. 5 seconds to re-listen a section.

I can do this very well with VLC by using a foot switch, but I would prefer using audacity in the same way, because I can place comments on a track, which later help me navigate.

The closest thing I found where the arrow-keys (or Shift and arrow), but they move only a fraction of a second back or forth.

Are there keyboard-short-cuts which would allow me to do what I need to or any other ways to accomplish this?

Using Audacity 2.0.4 under Windows 7 Ultimate.

Kind regards,


Are you talking about moving the playback cursor when playing? If so, by default LEFT/RIGHT arrow moves 1 second or SHIFT-modified LEFT/RIGHT moves 15 seconds. You can change the seek distances in the “Seek Time when playing” settings in Playback Preferences .

You can’t move behind the playback cursor, though.

If you want to move the “Seek Time” distances specified in Playback Preferences when not playing, use , (comma) to move the short distance left or . (period or full stop) to move the short distance right. Hold SHIFT with . or , to move the longer distance left or right. Those commands also work the same way when playing.

If you want to use a foot pedal you will need a foot pedal (or foot pedal software) that can deliver key presses. You can change the shortcuts that operate the cursor move and seek commands in Keyboard Preferences .