ShoreTel recordings

I have downloaded the latest Audacity software (2.1.2) with the new company laptop running windows 10. I have tested this version with windows 7 same result.

I have followed the ShoreTel how to documents on converting files to the correct format to import into the ShoreTel system.

Every time I export the file at the end. The file comes out as a .aiff file that ShoreTel does not support.

Has any one had this issue.

Here is the link to the document

That’s a known bug in the current Audacity version (2.1.2). It’ll be fixed in 2.1.3.

Just rename to .wav. It’s a wav but the extension is wrong.

And I’m fairly sure your phone system can read .aiff too, as there is hardly any difference between .aiff and .wav files.

I change the file extension. The phone system did not like it. I am downloading an older version to convert the files.

just to let you know - changing .aiff extension to .wav works fine (on Mitel TS MX one).