shifting gradually beat and/or frequency

I want to merge one track gradually into another.

How? The beat is different. I need to gradually accelerate the first beat (without changing frequency) combined with cross fade, to the other. I can see no tool to do this. :neutral_face:

Yes, you are coorect. There is no single effect to do all of that.

However, you can run Effect > Sliding Stretch to gradually change the tempo of the selected audio. And you can run Effect > CrossFade Tracks to crossfade two tracks. See Crossfade Tracks.

I read an article once about a “dance remix” of an album. They changed the tempo and/or pitch of whole songs to make them all blend together (probably using Melodyne but I don’t remember).

They went to a LOT of work with little edits & fixes to make sure her voice sounded natural. That seemed silly to me because this was an official remix and she’s not dead alive and it would have been easier to bring her back into the studio.

DJs are doing this live, right? Shouldn’t be so sensitive to minor tuning.