SHIFT and Left-Click always plays from the start.

Hello there! First time on the forums, but have been a long-time Audacity user for personal projects.

So I recently downloaded and installed Audacity 2.2.0, and I realised that you can no longer loop from a specific point of the track. That is, let’s say we have a 60-second track. I hold SHIFT, then click on 00:30, then unlike previous versions, this version will simply play from the start (00:00) and loop.

Last time, I can start from 00:30, all the way to the end, then loop. This helps me with larger files, because I can simply SHIFT + Left Click to the last few seconds, and just let it loop quickly.

Thanks in advance!

  • Valentine

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It is a bug. The old behaviour ‘should’ still happen, but I see that it no longer does.
I’ll log this on the Audacity bug tracker and hopefully it can be fixed soon.

Just a quick update.
I’ve found the cause of the bug. It’s now in the hands of the release manager to decide if it will be fixed in the next release. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

And another update - It has been fixed for the next release, which is due out in December.

Looks like the fix has been committed and thge bug marked DEVEL - FIX MADE - so there’s a good chance. :sunglasses:


Awesome, thank you for the quick fixes! :smiley: Hoping to see it in the next patch/update!

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You can try it now in the new 2.2.1 RC2:
If you try this version (I’d recommend that you do as it is mostly bug fixes), please do give some feedback in this forum section: