Audacity 2.0.5
Windows x64 sp1
I’ve shared complete Audacity projects between Windows machines by zipping the .aup file and the complete data folder. Is it possible to share a project between a Windows and a MAC system? I suppose it would depend on how similar the project and data files are for each of the applications but I don’t have the expertise to figure it out and I don’t want to waste time by trying to do so. Thanks.

It should be OK. I don’t see any descriptors in the .AUP file that depend on the operating system. It’s one of the reasons the _DATA folder and the .AUP file have to be in the same folder or directory. There’s no provision for one to go looking for the other.


As you probably know, imported WAV or AIFF files should be copied into the project using File > Check Dependencies… .

There is a possible issue that zip files don’t encode characters consistently across platforms. Stick to A to Z characters, numbers, underscores or hyphen-minus.

See here and the two sections following on from that.


Thanks. I appreciate the feedback and warning about using base characters in any file names. I’m going to go ahead and attempt sharing a project across the two platforms. I’ll report back with results. Thanks again.