Share Covers On The Internet

Hyy guys … Whats up…

I’ve completed a lot of covers of " INDIAN HINDI SONGS " with ’ AUDACITY SOFTWARE ’

I want to share them on the internet …

Would someone like to help me?
Plzz give me some suggestions for it …

Thank You !!

S AnShu

I deleted your duplicate post. Please don’t do that. Thanks.


My understanding is that if you are recording covers of other people’s songs it is necessary that you pay the appropriate fees. See: .

So paying the fees or negotiating with the copyright holder is the first step.


I just asked , where we can upload our covers or singles to sharing purpose only…

We are just telling you - you need to be aware of the legal implications. Most users are not aware.

If you believe you comply, see


Ok bro…

Thanks for your feedback