Severe Audio Drift Issues

Putting together two tracks for a podcast, my track has severe audio drift that changes. I haven’t found a speed that seems to fix the drift, I think it’s speeding up throughout the recording, or I’m just still really new at this and haven’t figured out how to determine the right speed yet.

The tracks are being recorded at the same Hz. I’m using my mic to record into Audacity and to speak over Discord at the same time, not sure if that has anything to do with it, just throwing as much info out there as I can, this is a nightmare to edit.

Their track was converted to a .wav file and sent to me, mine stayed as an audacity file.

Audio Interface: Zoom H6, directly into Audacity
Mic: Behringer Ultravoice Xm8500 Dynamic Vocal Microphone, Cardioid, XLR
Windows 10

Let me know if you need any more information, and thank you for any help you can provide!

Zoom H6, directly into Audacity

Don’t do that. Record on the H6 and transfer the sound file into Audacity. If you have timing errors or other damage, it’s almost 100% certain it’s not the H6.

One of the recommended methods of recording sound is not use the computer. Whole pages of errors, oddities, and damage vanish when you use a dedicated sound recorder instead of trying to force the computer to do it.

That and I can’t picture your show. Describe it in more detail.

speak over Discord at the same time

Does that mean your computer is trying to perform two audio jobs at the same time—and one of them is an internet service? That’s my guess for the timing errors. Or, if you really offended the sound gods, they could both be wrong, and that explains the wandering.

Pop for the batteries and do one show, or one long test, on the H6 “stand-alone.” No cables. Four AA batteries, right? In my opinion, you already have 99% of the equipment for a perfect show. All you need is a trip to Tesco/7-Eleven.


You could still have a timing error, but it should be one single error and constant. Audacity > Effect > Change Speed. You should be able to discover the error over an hour show or test and use one correction no matter how long the show is.

For example, if one track is 0.3% off, it should stay 0.3% no matter how long the show is—assuming you didn’t do anything else wrong.

I’m guessing you know what this is.

The camera watches the arm close and the sound people are listening for the noise. Sync up later.

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 2.39.43.png

I will give this a shot! It’s a podcast, no video involved, and the syncing issues aren’t consistent, I’ve tried fixing via changing the speed of my track with the issues. It’s an exponential increase in drift over time, unfortunately, where it speeds up and slows down in places. Some places I’m ahead, others behind in my responses. And yes, I was trying to get the mic to double duty over the internet via Discord so I didn’t have to wear two sets of headphones (for audio feedback for sound for both) which is a huge mistake I see now. I’ll record onto the SD card and transfer over to Audacity this next time using battery power. Luckily I have rechargeable batteries! And I’ll use a different mic for Discord for the podcast. (we are recording separately over long distance)

I’ll give this a test tomorrow and see how it goes! For now, I guess I have to manually edit this monstrosity…

Thank you for your advice!