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Hello. I’ve been using Audacity daily for about 20 years now. ately some verydisturbing anomalies have occurred in my recordings. I have windows 10 64.
In voice recording, sometimes the record’s pitch is too high or two low by a longshot, often 5-10 half-steps either way, and anything in between. Next, when I compress, Audacity cuts off the beginning and or the end of the recording. Next, while nothing is highlighted, the record will go on for 5 or 10 seconds, then just stop. Next, dropouts happen. I can’t hear anything that dropped out, that i the dropouts are observable. These things are now happening every time I use Audacity, ie every day. Next, please, please put the “cut” on a button again, as it was a couple releases ago. I use a Fifine USB microphone that works great. What’s going on? What will help? My daily radio shows are due, and I’m getting no place with a these glitches. Thank you.

I have no idea what happened and caused your problems. But when it worked previously (probably with an older version of Audacity) I would re-install that older version for now. Then, you could trouble-shoot the newer version while you still can record what you need to, without time pressure.

To install two different versions of Audacity, it is necessary to put them into two different folders within your application folder. Please also note: Audacity 3.x can handle files from Audacity 2.x - but not vice-versa.

I’ll take a shot a couple of things.

Dropouts can cause upward pitch shift. When there is missing audio it plays back faster and the perceived pitch goes up.

You can also sometimes get “confusion” between 44.1kHz and 48kHz, which is about 10% or about 2 half-steps (i think). That’s unusual, unless you are using S/PDIF which doesn’t have 2-way communication between the hardware & software.

Or, sometimes if you record and play-back on two different devices (like recording from a USB mic and playing-back on your soundcard) one or both clocks can be off.

Dropouts are usually caused by “something else” interrupting the audio. Your operating system is ALWAYS interrupting and multitasking even if you’re only running one application. (That’s why there are buffers.)

I’m not an expert on how to prevent them. There is a FREE online book about optimizing Windows for audio called Glitch Free and there are some hints in the Audacity manual.


Computers are the least reliable gadgets we own! If you don’t have a dedicated audio computer that gets messed-with (or even if you do have a dedicated computer) you might consider getting a stand-alone solid state recorder or “portastudio”, or maybe even use your smart phone.

It’s usually the recording that’s the problem so it’s OK to record on a different device and the edit on your computer.

Muse added back a Cut/Copy paste toolbar a while back - but it is off by default.

Just go to View>Toolbars and enable it


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