Setup Issues are Driving Me Crazy

Hello All

Here is what I have or know ( Not Much). Equipment 1- Roland PC-200 mkII keyboard controller 2- Roland USB MIDi interface UM-ONE 3- Laptop running windows 10
plus Audacity latest version now as much as I have tried every combination that I have access to I cannot get any sound through either the keyboard or my laptop
except my own noise of my frustration when I try playback I am really new to this and yes I know I don’t know what I’m doing but I should still hear some notes,(noise) from the keyboard or I’m I asking for too much. If anyone can shed some light in my direction I would sure appreciate it As a side note I just got the keyboard It looks like it’s right out
the box looks new but I can’t say 100% that it is functional but the power LED is on aas well as MIDI select is on when I press the button so my guess is that it does function just not for me. also when in record mode the IN LED on the interface lights when I press some of the keys so I think there is a connection with Audacity

Thank You

I didn’t do all the research for your devices, but Audacity can’t record MIDI. MIDI is data instructions to a MIDI instrument how to make music. The silly analogy is rolling up sheet music and jamming it in your ear to hear the song. The paper sheet music is so the piano can create the sound.

I can create MIDI work in my computer and send it to my stand-alone music keyboard and the keyboard creates the sound.

After you make the sound, then you can use Audacity to record it.

So if you can’t point to the one place in your chain where the song is actually sound, that’s why Audacity can’t record it.


There are convoluted ways of getting the computer to turn the MIDI into sound (most computers can do that) and then fold the headphone sound back so Audacity can find it.

You are warned that the quality of the instruments changes with the software that makes the sound. My older computer piano sounds are pretty sucky, but my larger keyboard sounds perfect


OK thanks for your quick reply , I,m not sure I understand fully. Let me briefly you very quickly. I volunteer at an thrift shop I brought this keyboard home to test out before
we sell it at the thrift store. It was missing a power adapter and a MIDI adapter so managed to find an adapter at home that seemed to work I had to go out and purchase a MIDI to usb adapter because that is what I thought I needed , I was also told I needed software so I downloaded Audacity and really all I wanted to do was ensure the keyboard worked. it’s a Roland PC-200 mkII it appears to be very new no scratches niches and very clean but I cannot get any sound out of it which is all I wanted to do. I have spent $40 on this which I may be able to get back but as I don’t play the instrument I not planning on wasting too much more time on this but I want to thank you for all you help with this issue of mine Thank you again.


Roland PC-200 mkII

That’s a quote from the instruction book.

So this keyboard is a controller, not a musical instrument. There is no shortage of YouTube postings how to connect it to your computer. You can use it to play the MIDI interpreter inside your PC and make the PC play music to the PCs speakers.

You can record it in Audacity by configuring the PC to record its own playback. This config is normally used to record YouTube or other sound.

So, unless you want to go through all that, I would quietly give it back to the sender. There are too many keyboards available that have both headphone (for sound connection) and MIDI. I have two of them.

The Roland adapter, near as I can tell, just adapts the older round MIDI plugs to USB. Still no sound. If you forget Audacity for a minute, it should be possible to use the MIDI interpreter inside the PC to simply play PC music by hitting the controller keys. I expect that to be five minutes reading the manual. Consult your computer instructions.


My older Yamaha PSR240 has the round MIDI connections and power supply, but also a sustain pedal and place to connect headphones. I use the headphone connection to play to a recorder or Audacity in a computer. I don’t need the MIDI data connection at all for that.
Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 16.35.41.png
My much larger Yamaha keyboard works the same way. I don’t think I’ve ever used MIDI on that one.


Now I’m winging it. Mac Garage Band is supposed to know what to do when MIDI instructions start coming down the pipes.

From rusty memory, there was a simple, free version of CakeWalk you could use on Windows. Maybe Windows Media can do it.

Now you know why somebody left the keyboard out on the front stoop. I don’t think a pure controller will ever be useful for a live band, for example.


Turns out Microsoft dropped MIDI Mapper from Windows 10. CoolSoft took up the banner.

It’s almost 100% chance you’re going to have to explain all this to whoever buys it.


Ok I am now getting a better picture of my issue so I think this keyboard will quietly go back I will include a note as to what is required and maybe someone
with a lot more experience with these instruments will appreciate it more I would like to thank everyone for their comments and replys


I wish I could tell you it was a stand-alone instrument, but it’s not.

The headphone connection on my keyboards is how I recorded this sound clip.