Setup Help...not recording DAW

Hi. I’m using 2.0.5 version with Win 7 64bit. I’ve recently acquired a Roland Quad-Capture Sound Card and I’m unable to get Audacity to work with it. I still have on my old Creative Elite Pro Soundcard on the system and I used to use it with my Sonar X3 DAW…but with continued BSOD, I opted for the Roland, which works beautifully.

I want to do a real-time recording of my recent composition and interact with Sonar as it’s recording…I used to be able to do this. However now, nothing is happening. I’ve tried all sorts of configurations but so far, when I press record with Sonar playing, Audacity doesn’t even start.

I have it set for 48000HZ and 24bit recording depth. Audio Host in Audacity has 3 options. Windows WASAPI, Win Direct and MME. I thought the former should be the correct one to select, so that’s what I started with. I then select input: Quad-Capture 3-4 and output: same except also says ‘looped’. Pressing record does nothing…record line on Audacity just sits there blinking.

I’m probably setting something up incorrectly here and I would appreciate any advice/assistance to get this up-and-running.

Thanks :question:

If you choose WASAPI as the Audio Host, you should select your “Speakers” as both the Playback and Recording Device. This is normally set up automatically when you choose WASAPI from the Audio Host drop-down on the toolbar.

Thanks…tried but no go…just doesn’t start. The Speakers are selected (Creative SBX-Fi) after rescan and when I press record, it looks like it’s going to start but the cursor just sits there flashing. So it would appear that Audacity is not detecting sound? My Creative outs/ins are not being used when I use the Quad, any sound in or out is coming through it. So I’m guessing to select speakers - creative sb x-fi - it won’t be hearing anything.

Are there any Sonar users with a Quad-Capture out there? Any input really appreciated.