Setup-file for Version 3.0.5 for Windows is 65% larger than 3.0.4

I am quite new to Audacity and currently use version 3.0.4 (3.04) on Windows 10. After starting Audacity today I was told that a new version 3.0.5 (3.05) is available.

After downloading the setup-file “audacity-win-3.0.5-64bit.exe” I realized that the file size (55’977 KB) is 65% larger compared to the previous version “audacity-win-3.0.4-x64.exe” with 33’785 KB.

I thought there must be a lot of changes implemented in the new version, new featues and functions, whatever, but when I checked the release notes (, I was quite surprised to see that 3.0.5 is only a hotfix for macOS.

I like Audacity very much, but my trust in the downloads is not yet quite high, espacially because I fell into a download-trap at first install. Therefore my question to the forum:

Does anybody know why the new version 3.0.5 setup-file is that much larger than for the previous version? Do you have noticed any bad effects after installing version 3.0.5?


We accidentally included the manual twice in 3.0.5. We’ll make sure to only do it once in 3.1.0.
(bug 1917)

Great, thanks for your quick and satisfying answer, this brings my trust level to 120% :wink: