Hi - Trying to set up this new version of Audacity on my Computer and the sound settings on it have gone a bit funny.
Im using Vista and it has always worked well in the past.

  1. What should the Reltek Audio Manager be set to?
  2. What settings should be on the Audacity Tool Bar for the incoming signal please.


If you are recording music, turn off all its effects and enhancements.

That depends what you are recording, which you haven’t told us. See Audacity Manual if you are recording a physical input connected to the blue or pink audio input on the computer.

See Audacity Manual if you are recording from a USB tape deck or USB turntable.

See Audacity Manual if you are recording computer playback.

If you need more help please tell us what you are recording and what recording equipment you are using (makes and model numbers are good).


Im using an ION turntable with a lead to connect also a cassette player. The ION turntable is connected via USB.
The new Audacity software is now working fine but I cant hear anything when I play back other MP3 music tracks from my Music folder. I can however hear the music when I am recording it. My settings must be wrong.
Ive also tried to install the MP3 plug in but cant get it to work.

You will need to set the default playback device in the Windows Sound Control Panel or in the computer volume control as described here: Audacity Manual

Try following these steps to the letter: Audacity Manual.

If you are still stuck after that please say exactly how it does not work. Remember that
we can’t see your computer.