Settings to Record Podcasts

We want to record podcasts for our online course selling website. You may click [advertising removed] and listen to the poor voice quality in our courses. We want to record and edit online class recordings and podcasts for our students. Could someone please help us out with that?

You generally don’t get quality through software settings primarily. Audacity can clean up and improve your recording to some extend, but typically, if the source recording is hard to listen to, the final result still will be janky at best.

So the best place to start is to fix the space you record in first (sound treatment, removing sources of loud background noise, etc.) and then - if you’re using an internal laptop/phone mic - upgrade your mic to something that’s meant to record podcasts.

Once you can record a clean signal, you can use things like noise reduction, click removal, compressor, EQ and such to improve. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask!