Settings that seem to change

Windows 10, Audacity 3.2.2

I’ve been using Audacity for many years and see no reason to use anything else. I’ve also made a small donation before.

I use it to catch a stream from a radio station that’s online and also digitize LP’s and Cassettes for personal use. This involves changing settings.

No problem there. However, sometimes these settings change without explanation. Once it was obvious because of a Windows Update but every now and then it will move to 1 channel recording and I need to switch it back. Sometimes I need to re-select the Recording Device, once in a while the Playback Device.

These are minor annoyances compared to how great this program is. I’m simply wondering if anyone else experiences this?

Curious. All of the settings changes that you mentioned are governed by the Audio Setup button…

It doesn’t happen all that often, but it does occur frequently enough that I’ll check the settings before I sit down with a handful of cassettes to do. I will blame Windows. I keep threatening to get a MAC, maybe someday.

Audacity is such a user-friendly program, checking settings is a very small price to pay.

No better there for Audacity (I have both W10/W11 and Macbook macOS12 Monterey). Plus they cost a lot more.

As basically a Windows person I really don’t like the way Mac tries to "help£ you by keeping things hidden :nerd:


What a very appropriate typo :wink:

If you (accidentally?) use different versions of Audacity that could mess-up your preferences,
(unless each version has it’s own “portable settings” folder).