Settings help needed for recording while wearing headphones

Hey, Newb here so hope this is a simple query to solve. Is there a setting that will allow me to record the audio I’m listening to from my laptop while wearing headphones plugged in?

Do you mean if you are listening to YouTube* or something like that?

If you have Windows 7 or later you can usually use [u]WASAPI Loopback[/u]. You’ll have to choose the “loopback device” you are listening to . Usually that’s your soundcard but sometimes it could be USB headphones, etc., and the device name may not be obvious.

If you have an older version of Windows you may have “Stereo Mix” or some other option. In some cases you may need additional software or additional hardware (see the above link).


  • Just FYI - It is a copyright violation to record from YouTube and most streaming services.

Thanks. I worked it out by trial and error.

No, it’s not youtube but probably illegal anyway! I can only stream Uni lectures online without the option to download. I just want to listen to them when commuting. Exciting stuff, eh?! :ugeek: