Settings? have changed, recording sounds static/hollow/canny

From the start Audacity has alway’s worked great. No problems what so ever. But al of a sudden when I record with my Zoom H2n, the playback sounds really bad. I have tried order recording software as well and the problem still occurs. So it has to be a problem with settings that changed or maybe it’s a driver issue? I have no idea. I tried reinstalling everything but with no luck.

How can I figure out what the problem is?

This is a sample of how the recording sounds (recording with just the Zoom doesn’t give any problems)

My motherboard is an Asus M2n-e with an onboard soundcard. It uses Soundmax.

Thank you

It sounds to me like a USB data transfer issue - the audio data is not getting from the H2 to the computer fast enough so the sound is breaking up.
First thing to try is (the order of steps is important):

  1. Disconnect the H2 (safely remove hardware),
  2. then reboot the computer, (complete power down and then restart)
  3. then plug in the H2 and wait for Windows to recognise it (after making the appropriate settings on the Zoom). Check that the connections are secure and fully plugged in.
  4. Open Audacity
  5. Check that the recording device is set to the Zoom in the Device Toolbar.
  6. Check that “Software Playthrough” is off (not selected) in the Transport menu
  7. Make a test recording.

If the problem persists, repeat the steps but use a different USB socket on the computer.

You are the best. It worked. I already tried all my USB connections before, but I haven’t tried shutting everything off before plugging it into a different USB. The one on the front of my computer seems the only one that actually works. No idea why the other ones don’t.

Thanks a bunch steve. Problem solved.