setting up

Hi to you all

I am a keen bedroom dj, only my problem lies now what is required to do a mix recorded to my laptop then burn it to a cd !. l currently have a citronic pro-1 USB mixer with 2 USB outputs and master output at the back, and my decks are stanton DLP1R’s I know not the best !! with the in/out outputs at the back
I would be very grateful if anyone can put me on the right tracks to setting this up regards cables, do i need a recording programme ! any advice would be much appreciated

thanx for your time


If you’re on a Mac, this is about fifteen minutes of setup. Are you?

You probably should have posted further up the forum where you have to tell us your computer and version of Audacity ahead of time. Now we need to find that out anyway.


cheers Koz,
No its a Fujitsu Siemens windows vista, I must say that im no Bill Gates when it comes to these buggers !