Setting up mixer with PC [SOLVED]

hi im new to audacity.
im just needing a little help if possable
i have a warfdale pro mixer desk and im trying to set up the sound through the pc
i also have a condencer mic to use and i have just bought a pci sound card
but unfortunately im having sound problems as the pc is connected to the mixer but i have no sound so i can record as i sing and playing my guitar.

please can some 1 help me.

thnx to all who reply and yes i will get back to you.
p.s i also have the reason programme and im having the same problem with this too.

help. :smiley:

You’re connected to line-in (usually blue) on the PCI card?

Since you just bought the PCI card, I assume there’s already a “soundchip” on your motherboard? Make sure you’ve select the PCI card and its line-input as your recording source in Audacity. Windows might not show the exact name & brand as on the board’s packaging, so you might have to guess & experiment, especially if you have more than one soundcard/soundchip.

If the motherboard does have a line-input, you might try plugging into that just to see if you’ve accidentally selected that one, Or you can try that input just to see if you can get something working.

Are you sure you are getting a signal out of the mixer? Have you connected the same line-outputs to an amp or to your hi-fi? Are there meters, or is there a headphone jack to check if you are getting any sound at all into the mixer?

If the condenser mic needs phantom power, have you turned-on the mixer’s phantom power (assuming it has it)?

You can also try connecting “something else” to your soundcard, such as a CD or DVD player to check your Audacity recording setup.

hi dvddoug. my name is scott. i would just like to say a massive thank you for sending me a reply and what you suggested about the input channel. it works and again a massive thank you. i know i was doing something wrong and i guess its the same for the guitar as well i just need to make sure about the right chanel is hooked up right for that as well… again a massive thank you im now smileing from ear to ear. :smiley: