Setting up, how to record drums?

Hi, I have Windows 7 and obtained the .exe installer version of Audacity. I have electronic session pro drum kit. Sorry, it’s a newbie question - I don’t know how to record from the drum kit. I have connected the drum kit to the computer via a usb cable but I don’t know what to do next. Please can somebody help using the most simplest terms possible.

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You’ll need to check your owner’s manual to find out if the USB connection is audio or MIDI.

If it’s audio, you should be able to select it as your recording source in Audacity and record it (you may have to install a driver). If it’s MIDI, you’ll need different software.

Typically, these things are MIDI. That means you can change the sound of each instrument/drum, and even edit the timing of each hit.

However if the USB connection is MIDI but the drum kit has a line out or headphones out, and your computer has a blue line-in, you can record that way. Set the Audacity input device in Device Toolbar to line-in for the built-in sound card.


However, if your Windows Laptop doesn’t have a blue Stereo Line-In, most likely, then there are other directions.

So it’s up to you to dig up tons more information about your system: type of computer and model number, sound card info, model numbers of the drum kit, etc. Pretend one of us wants to build exactly what you have. What do I ask for in the store?

Addresses of web pages work, too. Look up your stuff and send us the URLs/addresses.


Thanks everyone. My drum kit is a Session Pro DD405. My computer is a Packard Bell Touch screen OneTwo M

In the Connections section of my drum kit user manual, it says:

MIDI Connection:
MIDI OUT: This terminal transmits data from this instrument to other MIDI devices.

USB connection:
The USB connector allows you to connect the module directly to your computer. It can be connected without driver installation under the Windows XP & MAC OSX environment. The module will be recognized as ‘USB Audio device’ to receive and transmit MIDI messages through a single USB cable. USB is used only for MIDI messages (MIDI via USB).
Note: When the USB is connected to a computer, all MIDI messages will be received and transmitted via USB.

My drum module has a USB port, a MIDI OUT, a L/MONO and R jacks, an AUX IN and Phones socket. My computer has microphone and headphones sockets, and numerous usb ports.

Like I said, I’m a beginner at all of this and not very au fait with electronic equipment. Your help is greatly appreciated.