Setting up for video podcast

Good day. Im sorry to butt in but I don’t see where I can ask and post a new question, and so not being tech savvy is my biggest problem. so I have an iMac 10.15.7, 21.5, late 2013, trying to set up for podcast, I purchased MOVO stuff. what is the best way to hook it up with 4 mics, and 4 headphones, and camera? thanks.

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Audacity is an audio editor. There is no support for video - you need to use a video editor.
I don’t do video, but perhaps iMovie?

thank you. I will try to figure out the video. but how should I connect to my iMac for 4 mics, and 4 headphones? or is it possible?
thank you so much

The usual way would be to plug mics into a mixer and record a stereo mix of the mics.
If your Mac has a “stereo line input”, a mixer could be connected to that input. Other options include using a USB mixer (connected to the computer via USB).

I would highly recommend reading up about podcasting and video production before buying equipment - there are many options and price ranges from a few hundred $ (or less) to many thousands.

thank you. I read some, but maybe not enough. I was pretty sure that iMac could handle it without a mixer, and maybe still can but I need more knowledge. what you think?


Yes, I agree. Well, you can always grab the cat by the tail. :smiley:

OK, but if it could, just where oh where would you plug in those mikes ? Enter: mixer.

Now, I have a question for you. Thought/research experiment. Where are you going to plug in all of those headphones?

what is the best way to hook it up with 4 mics, and 4 headphones, and camera? thanks.

Can you describe the show a little? There was a recent post where someone did manage to record four independent microphones but they were horrified that each microphone didn’t give total isolation for the performer. All the microphones picked up leakage from everybody.

There’s another note about multiple microphones. Audacity will only record from one “thing.” So you would need a microphone interface that plugged in with one USB cable, but yet kept the voices electrically separate.

You hit the natural production limit of USB microphones. You can’t have two.

I’ve seen kitchen table shows done with four people by using four GoPros and do everything in the video editor. Five GoPros and use one as the cover/relief shot and intros and outros.

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 18.10.01.png
That’s from the Technical Difficulties podcast.