Setting up Audacity on my computer

I am presently using Reaper on my computer, and I want to switch over to Audacity. I have downloaded the Audacity program, and now I need the computer to “recognize” the Audacity program instead of Reaper. I am using a Tascam interface and all of the inputs are showing up in Reaper, but not Audacity. Thanks

What interface do you have? What version of Windows are you running? You may have to install drivers.

Audacity uses Windows drivers. REAPER can optionally use Windows or ASIO drivers.

Make sure to plug-in the interface before starting Audacity.

now I need the computer to “recognize” the Audacity program instead of Reaper.

It’s really the other way around… In general, you can use any Windows device with any Windows application. For example, you can use your printer with any word processor or any spreadsheet. The printer doesn’t “recognize” the word processor, your word processor finds the printer (via Windows).

Windows needs to find/recognize the hardware and if Windows finds it, Audacity should be able to see it and you can select it as your [u]Recording Device[/u]. If Audacity doesn’t see it, right-click the Windows Speaker/Volume Icon, find Recording Devices (or Input Devices). Make sure Windows can find it, and make sure it’s enabled.

Note - Audacity isn’t great at multi-tracking so if you’re recording more than 2-channels you might want to stick with REAPER (or try another DAW). Or, you can always edit individual tracks in Audacity and/or “master” you rendered file in Audacity.