Setting to hear what the mic hears?

I am wondering if Audacity could solve a problem for me. I am looking after my mother who has had a fall recently and using a wireless door bell system where she can get my attention, she presses a button and the chime bell device sounds off. But when i am on my PC i use headphones and cannot hear it.

So i am wanting to have an app that I am able to keep the mic on and what noise it hears i will hear too while using the computer so if door bell chime plays i can hear it. I have tried Audacity but it records my mic silently. Is there a setting within the program to be able to hear what the mic hears? if this is not possible does anyone know of app that could work this way?


Have a look at the following pages:

Another possibility could be to use a flashing doorbell (commonly used in households that have a deaf occupant).

Thanks guys for your replies and suggestions. I manage to solve my problem via

I found how to retrieve the old windows sound settings window, why this is hidden i don’t know. I just ticked listen in the recording tab of the microphone device to do what i was trying to achieve.

That Automated home site looks interesting, especially receive txt when doorbell is pressed, this could be handy if i am out of the house and mum needs me, quicker for her than trying to send a text.

Thanks again.