setting recording levels independent of volume


am using audacity 2.2.2 on windows 10. if I play streaming audio i.e. a local radio station through a web browser (firefox) I can record it. But the recording level goes up/down when I turn the listening volume up or down. under Settings - Sound - Playback the device is set to speaker/headphone. Under Settings - Sounds - Recording - the device is set to Stereo Mix. My 2 questions today are:

  1. how can a suitable recording audio line level be established for an Audacity session that is independent of speaker volume ?
  2. if I turn the volume up too loud I hear an echo - why is that ?

Thank you.

Try WASAPI Loopback as your host & recording device. That should. be independent of volume control. With Stereo Mix, you’re “capturing” whatever is coming out of your soundcard.

Turn [u]Software Playthrough[/u] off to prevent echo.

I listened to “Car Talk” radio show on the actual radio for years. I started using the podcast version and it was almost unuseable from the wild volume swings. Radio version goes through the broadcast volume compressors. No compressors on the podcast.

I use Chris’s Compressor with the first variable, Compress ratio, changed from default 0.5 to a stiffer 0.77. That’s it. It turns the podcast version into the well-behaved, even, radio version.

The only bug I know of is the need to leave some trash at the end of the show as you apply Chris. Chris is look-ahead and doesn’t deal well with the end of the show. Cut it off before exporting the finished show.

The bug is unlikely to be fixed. Chris reached End Of Life.

It is post production. There’s no good way to apply this stuff as you’re recording.

If you’re on Windows, remember to turn off all the voice processing and conference tools.