Setting New Peak Amplitude to -6dB drives contrast UP

Hello, all. Brand new user. PC Windows 10, with Audacity 3.3.3. Using a Blue Yeti mic with pop filter. Recording level at 80%, mic volume set straight up at about 50%, mic gain at about 25%.

For whatever reason, my contrast decreases every time I try to set my New Peak Amplitude to -6dB. If I have a clip that registers at -25dB, and set the amplitude to -6dB, the contrast suddenly drops to -28dB instead of increasing up to around -23dB.

I’m recording an audio book and of course need to meet ACX’s requirements of staying between -23dB & -18dB RMS. I keep coming out anywhere from -25dB to -28dB on my recordings but can’t seem to use the usual routes to modify the outcome. I can stand right up against the filter and speak loudly and still can’t get the contrast higher.

Not sure what my problem is. My husband laughs when I tell him my voice is too soft for the recording.


If the RMS is -25dB but drops to -28dB when you set the peak amplitude to -6dB, that means the peak amplitude started at -3dB. So you reduced the amplitude by 3dB (the peak went from -3dB to -6dB).

It sounds like you need to apply some compression or limiting to keep both the RMS and the peak amplitude within the ACX requirements. There’s an audiobook mastering suite with a step-by-step guide to help you get the levels right.

Thank you so much! I will dig into this tomorrow. :pray:

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