Setting levels and hearing my own voice on the recording

Hi there I am adj using audacity with numark mixtrack pro 3 and an acer laptop I have plugged the twin stereo to phono from the record ports on the amp to the microphone jack on the laptop I have set the levels to as low as possible but the recording is still distorted and u can hear my voice on the recording please help.

Sorry if this has already been covered



The microphone input on your laptop is designed for microphones and not “line level” signals. The difference is about a factor of 100 in voltage amplitude thus your observation of too loud and distorted signal. Further most of these inputs are Mono, and I would assume you would prefer to record your work in Stereo. Unless your laptop has a “line” input (very rare these day) your best bet is an external USB audio interface such as the venerable Behringer UCA-202, and suitable adapter cables (probably RCA/phono to RCA/phono).

This is what that looks like with my mixer.

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That’s also the configuration you need for overdubbing and sound-on-sound if you plan to go that way.


This laptop is missing the blue Stereo Line-In connection which is pretty normal.

u can hear my voice on the recording

You did lose me there. You want your voice to go onto the floor but not onto your recording?