Setting gain while using a UCA-202?

I recently got a UCA202 because running a cable from my amp lineout jack directly into my Windows XP laptop mic input jack produced a very ‘dirty’ sound. Not only clipping, but the closest I can describe it, it sounded like listening to something being played on a cheap loudspeaker with a rip in its cone.

The UCA202 results in much cleaner, higher signal to noise audio. But evidently, there isn’t a way to adjust the gain. The input volume slider within Audacity has absolutely no effect on the amplitude while I’m recording, and the Windows recording volume controls are not accessible at all. So the resulting audio file, while good, is quite weak. I can boost it up using the Amplitude effect and/or Levelator, but due to time constraints, I’d prefer to get a strong(er) recording right off the bat.

I went so far as to download and install the Behringer driver from their website, but that didn’t provide any sort of gain control I could see. Plus, the updated driver eliminated to ability to listen to to a recording on playback. So I uninstalled it, went back to the generic Windows USB device driver.

How can I get gain control? Would it take another piece of equipment like a small mixer, or mic preamp? Or is there a way to get the UCA202 to have this ability?

Thanks in advance…

The UCA202 has no provision to change volume, software or not. It takes a “standard” HiFi level and converts it into a USB bitstream very well, and is excellent for the price.

There is a version of this unit that has a volume control and I’m looking for it. It’s almost three times more expensive, but does a lot more.


Edirol UA-1EX - Superseded by the Edirol Cakewalk UA-1G


Not a mic pre-amp (the “line out” from your amp is not a Mic), but a mixer would be an ideal solution as it would allow you to adjust the “line out” from your amp to “real” line level for the UCA202.

As Koz knows, I run the earlier Edirol UA-1EX and find it excellent - the newer UA-1G seems to have a more ergonomic easier-to-use gain control knob.