Setting default value size

I’m using Crunchbang Linux 11
Audacity 2.0.1

One thing I need to do in Audacity is set the width of the value field in the Edit Metadata window. Every time I export a file, when the Edit Metadata window appears, the value field is always set to the default size which is to small for my needs. I am always resizing it. Is there a way to resize the value field and make it stick?

No there isn’t.
However, it seems odd to me that the default size should be so small when there is empty space to the right of it.
I think this is a bug rather than by design.

When the Metadata Editor is closed, the screen position and size of the window are saved in preferences. Example:


However, on re-opening the x/y position coordinates are applied correctly but the width/height appear to be ignored.

There then seems to be a miscalculation of the column width for the “value” column, which always comes out as “174” when it should be sized according to the width of the window.

I’ve only tested on Linux (Debian/Gnome) so I don’t know if the problem is specific to Linux.

It’s really frustrating that I can’t get the window size to be what I need it to be. Any other options I should try out? Maybe I’ll try an older version in Puppy Linux just to see what happens.

Looking at the code I suspect the problem goes back to at least 2008.

If you are able to build Audacity from the source code I’ve made a patch that I think will fix it.

The incorrect starting width of the “Value” column also occurs on Ubuntu, but not Windows or Mac OS X, so it’s probably something that has not been coded correctly for wxGTK.

I created bugs for these while you were writing:
Bug 706 – Metadata Editor: Value column too small
Bug 707 – Metadata Editor: Width and height values in .cfg not respected .

so can you attach your patch as appropriate, Steve?