Setting Audacity to scroll through a complete file

To repeat another user’s question:

How do I view playback so it keeps scrolling along…in other words, following the music as I watch. As it is now, it starts, then passes out of view. I checked around in “view” but couldn’t find anything. Thanks!

I tried to read the posted answer but it wouldn’t open.
My previous version of Audacity was set to scroll through the entire file while playing, but the upgraded version won’t do that.

Left-click on the green triangle at the left of the Timeline (or right-click in the Timeline, this will get you the Timeline context menu.
Make sure that you have Update display while playing checked “on”.

You may prefer to keep the play head-static with the waveform moving underneath it. If so also check “on” Pinned Play Head.

See this page in the Audacity manual: Timeline - Audacity Manual


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