setting audacity as external audio editor in windows 8

I just started using my new computer with windows 8 and Sony Movie Studio 13 and it will not give me the option to choose preferences and audio editor? Anyone know ho wto do this? I’ve tried to do it under Sony and audacity. It doesn’t give me the option to set it that way. I’m so confused. Any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

We don’t make Movie Studio so cannot tell you how to use it.

You may look in the Vegas manual or ask here: .

Even if you can set Audacity as an external editor in Vegas it may not work very smoothly because Audacity may default to saving the file in some other directory than the one the temporary Vegas file comes from. Also you will have to manually close the Audacity project window.

If it does not work, export a WAV file from Vegas and edit that in Audacity (assuming it can save the audio track as WAV).


Hi there,
I’ve successfully set up Audacity 2.1.2 as the External Audio editor for Sony (Magix) Movie Studio 13.

Here is how I’ve done that:

  • In movie studio, go to Options → Preferences.
  • Select the “Audio” tab in Preferences.
  • On the Audio tab, click the “Browse” button for “Preferred Audio Editor”.
  • To find Audacity - on my machine it was C:\program files (x86)\Audacity\audacity.exe - browse and find it - the same path is likely to work for you too.
  • Click OK.
  • In your the setup for your video project, it helps to have collected your source files in a named directory - you’ll want to know this later.
  • Right click on an audio track and click “open in audio editor” - movie studio will offer to make a copy to work on it. Allow it to do so - audacity won’t be able to open the video file, and it’s safer to work on copied audio. It will tell you the name/path it used for this.
  • The file will open in audacity - make your changes. I generally use it here for filters/effects/noise removal - not for clipping/snipping.
  • Use the “export audio” option, and export your changed audio back over the top of the file that was opened.
  • You can now close audacity. Movie studio will be using your edited audio clip in place of the audio track of that segment of video. Please note - the original video audio has NOT changed - this is treated like an extra bit of media.

I hope this helps.


Thanks, Danny.


One correction - the right click context menu has the “Open as Copy” option.

Hello to all, greetings from Belgium. I’m new to this forum and say hey to all of you.

Danny can you please explain what you mean by “and export your changed audio back over the top of the file that was opened”.

How can I export a file over the top of another?

I’m a beginner so please excuse the dumb question.



Please be aware Danny is not a Forum Helper so is unlikely to answer.

Do you have Movie Studio 13?

Are you using Audacity as an external editor for another application? If so which application is that?

If not, import a file, edit it, File > Export Audio…, make sure you are in the directory the file came from, make sure you are exporting to the same format the original file is in, then if you accept the risk of overwriting the file, say yes when Audacity asks if you want to overwrite.

If you need more help, also please tell us what version of Audacity you are using (see the pink panel at the top of the page).


Hello Gale,

Thank you for you’re answer.

I’m working with Magix Movie Studio Vegas 14 and I Use Audacity 2.1.2

I don’t like to overwrite original files so I have found another way to work with Audacity and Movie Vegas 14 on the internet.
I don’t remember where I found it.

I first open the file in Audacity and edit it to my liking.
Then I export the file with another name, for example: Filesound.mp3 to Filesound-1.mp3 in the same folder.
In Movie Studio I add another audio track an insert the edited soundtrack in MS.

Then I mute the Original soundtrack and sync both audio tracks.
This way I keep the Original if something goes wrong along the way.
I hope this is helpfull to others to and thank you again for your help.