Setting a selection to a specific DB

If I needed to set a selection of room noise to -60db, what is the best way to go about that? Amplify? Normalize?


Amplify? Normalize?

Neither one?

Are you reading for audiobooks?

ACX Audiobooks wants you to do three things at the same time. Peak, RMS and Noise.

This is a quicky explanation of what those mean.

It’s a common Home User problem to only get two of the three. It’s also very common to fail noise.

You are warned not to read a whole book until you solve the technical problems. Trying to read the whole book first only to have it all fail is also a common home user problem.

Can you post a 20 second voice test on the forum? It’s good to start there rather than us go off in all directions guessing on what you’re doing. Sometimes, we can just tell you which tools and how to use them.

Also write down who made your microphone and how you have it connected to the computer, and which computer.

As we go.