Seting Input level

The recording level of the incoming signal is set 100% and I can’t get the level set lower. Audacity v.3.4.2 /Mac M1/Ventura Lenco L90 vinyl player with usb output connected to Mac. Using Mac Core in/out - no separate sound card in use. How do you manage the input level adjustment?
Is there a method in Audacity to remove the clicks from vinyl records?

Normally you can’t adjust USB recording levels. You need to adjust the analog level before its digitized (not possible with most USB turntables) or you can use the Audacity Amplify effect after recording to boost the volume.

Digital recording levels are not critical as long as you don’t “try” to go over 0dB and clip (distort).

If you have clipping, lowering the digital level after recording does not remove the distortion (but it will “hide” the clipping from Audacity). If you are clipping, you’ll have to change your hardware setup, or live with it. :frowning:

Audacity has 3 “effects” that can help: Click Removal (automatic), Repair (manual), and you can zoom-in and use the Draw Tool to manually re-draw the waveform. When you’re zooming-in, the Spectrogram view or Multi-View (the drop-down arrow to the left of the waveform) makes it easier to “find” the defect.

There are also specialized 3rd-party tools but what I’m familiar with is for Windows. I have Wave Repair which does an audibly-perfect job of removing most (but not all) clicks & pops. But, it’s Windows only. It’s also manual and it usually takes me most of a weekend to “find” all of the defects & clean-up an LP. But that also means it only “touches” the audio where you identify a defect.

The developer of Wave Repair has a website with TONs of information about digitizing records, including links to other software. I assume some of it is available for the Mac. …I don’t think that website has been updated in many years.

Izotope Rx is a popular audio restoration application/plug-in (NOT FREE). I’ve never used it. As a plug-in it does not officially support Audacity but I think it runs as a stand-alone application.

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