Having problems setting up my Crosley Executive turntable with Audacity.

The manual reads…

  1. Once the AUDACITY PREFERENCES window appears, select
    the AUDIO I/O tab.
  2. Under PLAYBACK DEVICE, select the internal sound card. USB
    Audio CODEC (USB turntable), Microsoft Sound Mapper or
    Modem should not be selected.

However, when I go to PLAYBACK DEVICE only two options appear. (Microsoft Sound Mapper is the first and Realtech Speakers is the second) My Crosley device is not listed. Can someone please help? Are there drivers that I have not installed or am I missing something? I have a Windows 7 operating system. Thank you for your help.


That’s an old Manual for an old version of Audacity.

So stop now. Make sure you have Audacity 2.0.6 from

Then look at this page from the 2.0.6 Audacity Manual: Recording with USB turntables or USB cassette decks.

Audacity needs to be launched (started or restarted) after the turntable is connected. It can’t see the turntable if you connect it while Audacity is running. Try that.