Set-up for recording from CD/DVD played on PC

Windows 10, Audicity 3.25.

I usually record from LP with no problems. I have used CD/DVD from the PC. Seems I have forgotten the correct set-up for this. Used the manual and on-line here but no joy. Help!

You can record whatever is playing on your computer with WASAPI loopback.

But you don’t normally “record” CDs. You can use a CD “Ripping” application to make a digital-to-digital copy.

WAV files (at 44.1kHz, 16,-bit stereo) are the same underlying format as CDs so the audio data can be identical , but in a WAV “package”. Audio CDs don’t have “computer files” and that’s why you need a ripping application.

The ripping application will also try to find the information online to automatically “tag” the files with the artist/album/song information and the album artwork, etc.

I use CueRipper (part of CueTools) or EAC (Exact Audio Copy). Both of these support AccurateRip to compare your rip to an online database to make sure there are no errors. (CueRipper is easier to install & configure, especially if you want to rip-to MP3.) Windows Media Player and iTunes can also rip CDs.

With DVDs the easiest thing might be to record. DVDs do have “computer files” but they are split into 1MB chunks, and that split can happen in the middle of a song, etc.

And commercial DVDs are encrypted copy/protected. There are free DVD ripping applications that can crack the copy protection and give you an audio or audio/video file that you can open in Audacity but cracking the copy protection is illegal so we don’t discuss it here. You can try or

Thanks so much! All I have to do now is find my ripper software. Then I use the ripped file to get recorded into Audacity. Thanks again.

Just for clarity, you open the file in Audacity (if you want to edit it).

If you rip a DVD, you’ll need FFmpeg to open most audio/video formats (and Audacity will just open the audio). If you haven’t done so already, simply download and run FFmpeg_5.0.0_for_Audacity_on_Windows_x86_64.exe.

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