Set track visuals error

I have this on a macro:
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And set track visuals: 32 height.

The error:
Set Track Visuals: Could not load settings below.
Default settings will be used.

Height= “32”

I always get this error. Sometimes it works anyway, sometimes it doesn’t. Either all the tracks will go full height or it will work, but then when I do something else, it will reset them again. It does not give this error if I set the tracks to 44, but any lower and the error and problem starts. I want my tracks to be small enough to show mute, but nothing else because I often deal with a lot of tracks. 32 is perfect for this.

I deleted the pluginconfig and the other plugin one suggested. Did nothing. I’ve also reinstalled the whole thing. Still same problem.

Nothing fixes this. I don’t understand why it happens.

Please export your macro as a text file, and add it as an attachment to your reply.

Resize MINI.txt (41 Bytes)

The problem seems to be that you are setting the track height to less than the track’s “collapsed” size. The collapsed size is probably coded somewhere as a minimum size, so resizing smaller than this is triggering the warning.

For me (on Linux), the minimum size without triggering the warning seems to be 44 px. It may be a different figure on Windows.

That makes sense. 44 was the magic number that caused it to not give the error, but it’s weird that I can manually make it smaller than that to be minimized as possible and still show the mute button as I work with the tracks. I also had this macro set before I updated it and it worked fine, which is why I was confused. Is there anyway to change the code of the minimum size?

Strangely it does allow the size to be set less than the minimum, though even as far back as Audacity 3.1 the warning is triggered.

Very surprisingly Audacity allows you to set a zero or negative height, but then the track disappears entirely and Audacity may crash. I’ve logged this as a bug.