Set Sample Rate question

I am attempting to save an audio file with the following properties:
16-bit PCM
I can adjust the settings to reflect the above items, but when I save and re-open the PCM shows “32-bit float”.
Is it possible to save the file and have it open with 16-bit PCM vs. the 32-bit float properties.
My PBX specifies 16-bit PCM for its MOH.

Mono you can set with Audacity preferences.

You can set the sample rate with the little window in the lower left. Everything else can be set with file > Export Audio > Other Uncompressed File Types.


Everything is set correctly when I am listening (and then exporting) the file on Audacity.
Its when I re-open the file (on Audacity) that it shows 32-bit float vs. the saved 16-bit PCM

Audacity doesn’t have Clip INFO (feature request) and sometimes likes to convert in the background to “help you.” I’d be a lot happier if you got a separate program to tell you what you had.

There’s a trick to downloading the version without the commercials.

Here it is.

*You can use Media Info to tell you about the original work.
Don’t download the one with the installer.


That’s normal.

When Audacity imports audio files, it is not “opening” the file directly, it is copying the audio data from the file into the Audacity project. The audio track in Audacity does NOT represent the “file” that you imported, it represents the “audio data” that Audacity copied from the file. By default, Audacity tries to copy the data as 32-bit float data as this provides the best quality and processing speed.

The format shown on the left end of an audio track is the default format for that track. It is not necessarily related to the format of the original file that you imported from.