Set pulseaudio to route Microphone & Speaker output[SOLVED]

Hi, Is the following possible under Audacity in Ubuntu 14.10 using PulseAudio, and if so, how do I get it working?

I would like to record a stereo track which has on the left channel all input from my built-in microphone, and on the right channel, any input coming out live from the speakers? Either as two seperate mono tracks in audacity or as a single stereo track. Is this possible using PulseAudio with a default AC97/intel HDA onboard sound card? I do have an external USB microphone as well if that helps (on a Microsoft Lifecam webcam)

What is the actual job? We sometimes get into trouble by letting the poster very greatly magnify the wrong problem. Are you overdubbing? Recording Skype? Why would you need to record the speaker feed and the local microphone?


It’s to record a Skype call yes. I’ve tried programs that say they’ll do it for you (on Windows at least) and they aren’t doing the job properly i’m afraid, anyway, i’d like to record myself (through the microphone) and the other person (through the speakers) as a seperate channel so that I can alter the balance between the two and have them in stereo, so that one person is on the Left side and the other person is on the Right side .

Try this - it records each side of the conversation in its own channel: Skype Call Recorder (open source, free). See Skype Call Recorder FAQ.

Using PulseAudio Volume Control (pavucontrol) to set Audacity to record from the monitor of the sound card has the limitation that both sides of the conversation are recorded on the same track, so you don’t want that.


Thank you so much! Works a treat :slight_smile: