Set playback to PC speakers instead of input device [SOLVED]

I just got a Zoom H6 to record my guitar and harmonica. It came with Cubase LE and Wavelab LE but I can’t figure those out. I can’t even get them to record with my Zoom but that’s another story. I’ve used Audacity for years for the simple things I needed and I love it. I hooked my Zoom up and Audacity recognized it and I could record immediately. However, when the Zoom is hooked up and I play back the track, the sound comes from the tiny speaker in the Zoom. Does anyone know how I can get it to come out of my PC sound system? I don’t want to have to disconnect the Zoom every time I want to play back a track.

I should say that, until a few minutes ago, I was using Audacity 1.2.6. I wasn’t even aware that a new version was available until I came to this forum so I installed that. I really liked how, after the installation, it automatically went to the plug-in installer. It’s been a long time but I remember that getting the plug-ins was more involved in my previous version.

Set the playback device in the 2.0.6 Device Toolbar to your PC.

Note that Windows applications that cannot change their playback device will still be playing to the Zoom if that is the default system playback device.

Assuming you are on Windows Vista or later, you can open Windows Sound, right-click the computer speakers and make them default device, then unplug Zoom from the computer. Then Windows should remember that your computer is default and not make Zoom the default next time you plug it in.

You could visit At the bottom of that page, subscribe to the announcements mailing list, then you will be e-mailed when there is a new Audacity version.


Thanks much! I’ll give that a try and post back if it worked out.


With your help, I’m in business. I really appreciate your help because I would have been going nuts trying to figure this out without it. Also, thanks for the tip about getting emailed notices when a new version of Audacity is released. This program is a life saver because I don’t know if I’ll ever figure out how to use Cubase LE or Wavelab LE. Way too user-unfriendly for me!

I’m going to post another question I have about sound quality with Audacity in new thread.

Thanks again!.