Set macro export filepath to same location as parent file

So in the older version I was using (2.3.3) when I imported a video file to manipulate the audio in audacity and exported via a macro, it would export the audio file to the same folder the initial files I was importing was located. Today I updated to the latest version and now all the files export to a folder in the audacity folder. With this version there is now an option in preferences to select a specific file path for export, but is there a way to tell it to export to the same location as the imported file?

Steve wrote a macro to do just this - but I know he is offline for the weekend, mabe he will respond to this early next week.


Here: Legacy macro-output folder
Instructions are in that post.


is it worth pinning those instructions ?


I was rather hoping that the issue would be resolved in Audacity rather than relying on a plug-in to work around the limitation.
(Improvements to macro-output folder · Issue #2168 · audacity/audacity · GitHub)

Don’t hold your breath mate … :wink:


But I have added a BUMP on the GitHub issue thread: Improvements to macro-output folder · Issue #2168 · audacity/audacity · GitHub


Thanks for the link. I put it in the plugins folder but couldn’t get it to appear in the list when adding to the macro so I decided to just roll back to 2.3.3 instead. Not only because of this but because the new version seems to crash a lot and keeps getting “hung up” on importing files (and I have to ctrl+alt+delete out of it) when I never had these issues before.