Set font for track name

A long long time ago (back in the piezozoic era ) I started this thread:
At least we managed to get the color changed but because I chose to give the user control via Preferences I was unable to sell my concept. We are still suffering with such a tiny font that it is literally unreadable on most modern monitors.

Recently the Developers have been scattering new user preferences all over the place so we now have them in context menus, drop down menus, the main menu and in the actual Preferences dialog. So be it. Label tracks already give the user the ability to globally and permanently change the font – it’s an item in the Label Track’s drop-down menu.

We could add an additional menu item to the Wave Track’s drop-down menu which is functionally identical to the one for label tracks. Since the current font picker has been around for a long time I am assuming it works on all 3 platforms so that code could be reused. If there is any interest I could create a patch.

If anyone wants to try it out…patch attached.
WaveTrackFont1.patch (6.96 KB)