.SES files

Working with Audacity on a MAC doing a big Audio project.
A lot of information that i could use is stored by a colleague using Adobe, so they are saved as .ses files - is there anyway to convert the .ses files to .aup files (thereby keeping them as multitrack files rather than converting to a single track).

Does Audition use a _DATA folder, too?
Adobe has been changing the .ses formats and they’re now on .sesx with no compatibility to the older versions. Which ones have you got?

From Audition, export each track as a separate WAV file, but ensure that all tracks start at the same time - pad the start of tracks with silence if necessary. The WAV tracks can then be imported into Audacity.

Note the Audition has different effects to Audacity so any effects they are using need to be applied to the audio when they export the WAV files.