seperating tracks on the cd

hi all i have just recorded from tape a live show. when i playback it only shows i have one track. is ther any way i can jump rfom one track to another like i can on an audio cd? :unamused:

If you want to burn an audio CD you can split into separate tracks using labels. Then File > Export Multiple a series of 44100 Hz 16-bit stereo WAVs for each track. These can then be burned as separate tracks to the CD. The CD player will then be able to navigate each track.

If you just want to export an audio file like MP3, you cannot mark track divisions in a single file (generally speaking) because there is no consistently agreed way to do so. Split into tracks as above and export to your chosen format, saving all the files into one folder. Drag that folder into the playlist folder in your player software then the player will play the files in rotation. Next and Previous will go forward and back between each file.

Please post any future questions in the correct forum for your operating system and version of Audacity. I have moved this to “Audio Processing” in the absence of any more information.


Hello new to this software and forum, I intend to make DJ type mix cd’s with this software and am wondering if by labeling the wavs in this way is it possible to create navigational points between tracks but with no audible gaps in the mix.

The procedure is the same as described in the previous post, but you also need to use CD burning software that supports gapless tracks, and a CD-RW drive that supports DAO.
CDBurnerXP is a free CD burning program that can do this, providing your CD writer supports DAO (disk at once) writing.

(see here: )

Thanks for the help will give that a go.