seperating a low voice from track

hi everyone
sorry my english might not be perfect for this.I have an audio file extracted from a video kids playing football and in this track the head coach calls the other coach and starts talking about a kid but it can not be understood what he is saying.Basicly i want to find out any idea i can please ? win 7 audacity 2,0,5

We can’t separate parts of a sound recording into voices and noises. You need to do this to apply amplification or filtering to one voice without affecting the whole recording. You see people doing this on a TV show, but that’s theater. You can’t actually do that in real life.


thanks is there any chance to solve the problem without seperating like doing someting else?

Why not? If it’s because the kids are shouting too loud you can’t do much. If it’s just too quiet (for example) maybe you can do something. Post five seconds of it in WAV if it isn’t smothered by other noises - .


thanks gale can not understand it cause camera is not turned to him and mic stand at the other side of the samera so the voice is there i can here it but its i think low deep must be a way but how like recognising the treble (kids) and removing or something i dont know but how? thank you i think i need to find a secret service voice analyzer :slight_smile:

If you post a sample that has only the voice that is too deep, we can look at it in Analyze > Plot Spectrum (or you can do so yourself).

But we can’t speculate without some audio to listen to.